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There has always been a constant battle between our government and drugs. They have been fighting this war for centuries without gaining much ground. We tend to think of drugs as any substances regulated or prohibited by the government. This list includes: Opium, Cocaine, Coca, Heroin, Morphine, and Marijuana, just to name a few.  All these substances at one time or another were given or prescribed as a legitimate remedy for pain and relief by doctors but like most things abuse occurs. Let’s look at how our great country changed from legitimately prescribing various substances to waging war?  (click here for more information). As in all stories there are two sides.  Most of us can agree and have oftentimes supported our governments no nonsense approach to dealing with illegal trafficking of drugs but I would like to share my thoughts with you on the subject.

When the people of this great nation become addicted or die from these various substances at alarming rates, our government should step up and enforce current drug regulations and or establish new regulations.  People are always going to have vices when if comes to legal or illegal drug. In a perfect world, we would not be dealing with this issue because it would not exist but this is not a perfect world thus stronger drug regulations are needed.  News flash, all drugs are not bad so working together along side the government on this issue should produce viable outcomes  and have a great impact on any legislative discussions on drug regulation. l strongly believe that legislation should be written and enacted at the community level because this is where  we are the strongest and where the negative impact is occurring. Having the War on Drugs discussion without the community at the table is a recipe for disaster.

Communities across the United States make up this nation’s front line. If we don’t aggressively address the drug problems, (legal or illegal) then we leave our children a legacy of failure for many generations to come. Our children should not be born in communities were drug proliferation is so prevalent that drug use is a way of life.  Community communication and bonding is paramount to the survival and longevity of our human race.

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