Drugs in our community

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Drug have always impacted our communities in a destructive way.  I believe we must all take the time to consider how it has not only impacted our community as a whole but individually as well.  Let’s explore the many ways that drug have effected our community through time.

  • Increased Crime rate
  • Childbirth deformities
  • Causing Unemployment and Layoffs
  • Destruction of family Nucleus
  • Poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Addiction
  • Depression

We all know that Drugs cause to many problems to list, therefore we must formulate a plan to educate our young and old, regarding the effects of using drugs. The community must become more involved by having rallies, meeting in the neighborhoods, door to door activities, and any activities to educate people on the effects of drugs. The community is our backbone and key to our survival throughout the United States. People make Neighborhoods, Neighborhoods make communities, and communities make up a great nation.

Let’s give a quick example of how drugs can cause an individual to become homeless and also effect society as a hole. If a person becomes so dependent on drugs they can become neglectful in being responsible for paying their bills and most of all their mortgage, consequently they loose everything, including their home. Now, this individual is homeless, addicted  to drug and must seek help. He or she goes to a non-profit organization or community outreach program to seek help. These individuals gets the well deserved treatment or counseling that may help or not. Most programs are subsidized by the government and the american people are taxed for it. Being addicted to drugs can be a vicious cycle not only for the person or people that are addicted but also for the hard working american who are unknowingly taxed for every person who is addicted to drugs and need help from the government. Never believe that an individual with a drug problem will not affect you or the community you live in, it does. It even effects how much you can afford for your family.

My parents always stressed the importance of not using drugs because it would effect me physically and mentally, and it would most definitely cause my demise. While my parent were always looking out for my best interest, nothing could prevent the experience of peer pressure, although, I had a best friend and mentor named Mark B. who I looked up to, kept me focused on becoming an entrepreneur and honing my life skills. I really didn’t have any idle time to get in trouble or use drugs, I was to busy following behind my mentor ( Mark B) and engaging  in after school activities.

Let’s be clear, our community is our best hope in the war against drugs and any other major issue(s) that prevent our people from living a full and productive life.

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