3 New Approaches to Learning for Children

Behaviors of children are mostly dependent on the teachers because they spend most of their time in schools. If you want your child to develop the best attitude, you need to find a place where they will be sheltered and independent at the same time. How? If you’re from Florida, consider yourself lucky because teachers from montessori schools in Jacksonville, Fl use new approaches for children to develop their learning ability.

Establishing Wait Time When Talking

According to studies, children have a very short attention span when they are studying because they prefer to play outside. Try to ask your children if their teacher makes this approach. It is easy to observe.

Whenever the teacher talks and asks a question afterward, he/she should not immediately call the first person who wants to answer the question. Instructors should pause, then let the children absorb the lessons. It will help children who process information slowly to learn. They will be given a chance to answer the questions too.

Giving Multisensory Instructions

For teachers, it is vital to provide multisensory instructions to younger students because more than one of their senses will be engaged in the discussion.

This technique can help children who have dyslexia. Aside from reading the words which may be difficult for them, the teachers can ask them to associate the words with a sound.

It will also be helpful to children who have difficulties in mathematics. If they see situations visually, like blocks being added, some of the problems will be easy for them in the future if they are given multisensory instructions to solve the problem.

Creating Models to Engage Children

Most kids prefer to learn visually rather than conceptually. It is one of the effects of technology advancement. To help the children to be more engaged in learning, try to use models to explain the situation. This can also be done at home when the kids are doing their homework.

However, if a lesson cannot be explained visually using different models, the teacher can demonstrate how the problems can be solved, for example. Then, the student will be able to grasp the concept after the demonstration.

The abovementioned approaches are some of the new techniques employed by teachers in most schools in Florida. You need to look for those skills in your child’s instructors. Make sure that your child is in good hands.