3 Tips on Redesigning Your Home With Oak Beams

Aside from being used as structural elements, oak beams have always been an embellishing touch for all kinds of interior designs and themes. By sourcing oak beams, you can make your home renovation more natural-looking yet still elegantly modernized. While canvassing on different oak beam supplierwhat type you will purchase, it essential to know some tips on redesigning your home using this wood.

1. Use trusses to separate areas of open-plan spaces

Having oak beams with trusses on your room’s space can be used as a way to visually delineate various areas in open-plan spaces, may it be in your living room or balcony. For instance, your living room and dining room are in one wide area in your house, then you can use trusses to exhibit boundaries between your living room and dining room. You can do so by using different design themes and color schemes on those two areas in a pleasant way as trusses serve as the spatial marker to divide these areas. Although one room looks admirable with an oak beam theme, you can add an effect by using steel beams covered with oak beams hollowed out to fit over the steel.

2. Replication the oak beam-look in other elements of your interior

As the archetypal use for oak beams is for the ceiling and you are planning to do so, you can use a similar oak as design accents anywhere to complement the look together. For instance, on your fireplace, you can create a floating oak beam mantel on the wall around it. Alternatively, oak can also be useful in other types of furnishing, like a breakfast bar, dining table, or even door to your room or space, giving off a classic yet luxurious vibe to your house.

3. Use lighting equipment to accentuate your oak beams

As an oak beam lover or a nature lover in general, you want to ensure that your favorite feature can quickly draw someone’s attention upon visiting your home. To do so, one of the best ways is through the use of lighting to accent and emphasize the character of the oak. You can try to set spotlights on your beams then direct them to create soft lights to highlight your ceiling features. If possible, use LED in a warm tone to produce a traditional glow suited for period design styles, giving a long-lasting and energy-efficient ambiance.

Aside from these three redesigning techniques, there are still a lot more to explore about uses and benefits of oaks beams to your home, may it be for a more natural look, or for a more durable house structure. If the redesigning seems complicated for you, then you can ask for some guidance from your oak beam supplier as they are trained and experienced in this forte.