4 Basic Responses For An Electrical Emergency

From damaged power lines to broken electric appliances, several things could go wrong and cause an electrical emergency. Always have your Dallas electrician do a home inspection to make sure all your electrical wirings are in order, but here’s a quick guide on what you need to do in the event of an electrical emergency.

  1. In Case of A Fallen Power Line

 Whether or not the fallen line is giving off sparks or troubling noises, you should still keep a good forty feet from it. Be cautious of any nearby cars or metal fences or water. Avoid touching any trees, especially if you notice they have contact with any power lines. If a person has been injured, then keep them lying down and avoid any direct contact. Contact both 911 and your electrical company, and prevent anyone else from getting near the hazardous area.

  1. In Case of An Electrical Fire

First and foremost, cut the main power by turning off the breaker box at your house. Then, look for a fire extinguisher. Note that a Class C extinguisher is the kind of fire extinguisher that you should use in an electrical fire. If you can’t locate one, then use a fire blanket to put the fire out. However, if you couldn’t switch off the power then under no circumstances should you go near the fire. Exit the premises and contact your local fire station immediately.

  1. In Case of Electric Shock

As much as possible, keep yourself calm and do not rush to the person who got shocked to avoid getting injured yourself. Focus instead on turning off the power source and keeping any water or other flammable objects away from them. Contact 911 at once, and keep your distance, especially if the electric shock came from wiring with high voltage. However, if you estimate that it would take too long to get to the power source, then use a PVC pipe or other insulated object to break contact between the person and the electric source.

  1. In Case of A Power Outage

After shutting off all electrical appliances—from your cooking appliances to your air conditioner and personal electronics, inspect the source for the blackout. Reset your home’s circuit breaker and see if this fixes the problem. Contact your electrical company and inform them of this power issue. Also, check that all your appliances are connected to surge protectors to keep them from damage once the electricity goes back on.

Keep your loved ones and belongings protected by maintaining your home with routine inspections by licensed professionals, and don’t hesitate to ask for safety tips from your Dallas electrician. Have emergency contact numbers and kits ready, and make sure your fire extinguisher is updated and that the people in your home are educated on how to use it if ever the need arises