4 Most Common Tattoo Mistakes

For many people, it is a rite of passage to get a tattoo. If it is your first tattoo in Auckland, it is vital to do your homework and put yourself in reliable and expert hands. Think things carefully, considering that tattoos are permanent.


Here are 4 common mistakes that you need to avoid when getting a tattoo:


  1. Not thinking About Placement


Where you put your tattoo is equally important to the kind of tattoo you choose. When it comes to your tattoo placement, take as much time as you need. You may either want your tattoo to be private or visible to other people. Keep in mind that not all parts of the body hold pigment well.


Also, when choosing the placement of your tattoo now, take into consideration the tattoos you might want to add in the future.


  1. Deciding On A Too Small Tattoo


While a tiny tattoo design can look cool and amazing on a brochure, it does not necessarily translate to the skin. An extremely small tattoo has a tendency to look like a skin blemish.


There is also a risk of bleeding the ink into each other or blurring the ink lines when creating a complex design in a limited space. So, talk to your artist regarding the scale of your tattoo.


  1. Choosing To Tattoo On Palms, Feet, Fingers, Neck, Or Face


When it comes to body parts that are not good at holding pigments, these are your feet, fingers, and palms. Your tattoo Auckland can fade easily while your skin is healing.


On the other hand, tattooing on the neck and face is not a good idea, as this can hinder your career growth and opportunities.


  1. Drinking Alcohol Before And/Or After The Session


It is not advisable to drink liquor before you get your tattoo, as this could lead to excess bleeding. This is because alcohol causes the blood to thin. When you bleed a lot, it can compromise the quality of your tattoo design, particularly when it affects the visibility of the artist.


When you drink after getting a tattoo, it can also have an impact on your blood, thus compromise the process of healing.


These are only some of the common tattoo Auckland mistakes that artists see on regularly on their shop. Make sure you are not one of them.