Treats In Toronto

5 Treats You Can’t-Miss To Try In Toronto

There is more to Canada than just America’s colder neighbor to the north. It is known for great tourist locations, among other cultural highlights. One of their highlights is food. With so many places to try good food in the country, we settled for the big city of Toronto. Here are some awesome treats.

Gandhi Roti’s Roti

Gandhi Roti in Parkdale is a good place to start your food journey in Toronto. The roti is affordable with a scrumptious filling. There are many options for fillings to match your cravings too. But, to get you started the paneer roti gets you a roti stuffed with beans and paneer cheese. For something more simple the malai kofta roti has spinach and potato in it.

Fat Pasha’s Roast Cauliflower

Even if you are not big on vegetables, you are on a food trip, try something different. Fat Pasha’s roast cauliflower is unique. It is roasted whole then bathed in Tahini, and it gets some funky hot sauce pine nuts, pomegranate seeds for some tang and some salty halloumi. When it gets served, it looks pretty, and when you bite into it you know, it is good.

Carousel Bakeries Peameal Bacon on a Bun

This is a staple of Toronto treats, so it makes this list as well. Carousel bakery has been in the St. Lawrence market for over three decades now featuring this simple, sumptuous sandwich. It is simply a stack of peameal bacon on a soft bun. Still, it can sell up to 2,600 sandwiches in a day of a busy weekend.

Lee’s Signature Singapore Slaw

This crazy beautiful salad is made with a jaw-dropping 19 ingredients. Yes, your jaw will drop when it is served to you as well. This tower of a salad from Lee is tasty and crunchy, finding the right balance between the two. This is essential for any foodie making a trip to Toronto. The dish is made beautiful and tasty by the daikon, toasted sesame seed, and fried shallots. Those are just 3 of the 19 ingredients though.

Nadège Patisserie’s Macarons

Let’s end this list on a sweet note. These macarons look and taste beautiful and come in a variety of colors and flavors. They come in traditional chocolate and vanilla. There are also more adventurous flavors like Matcha and Cotton candy.

Being the cultural hub that it is, there is a lot more Toronto can offer. So why not do the research, ready your papers like your visum Kanada, and make your way to  Toronto today.