Colored Hair After-Care

Colored hair gives an exquisite radiance, a sense of fashion, and it adds color to your personality. Along with the uniqueness you possess comes a responsibility of keeping your colored hair well-maintained. You should be on a constant lookout for the experts from Ann Arbor Hair Salons and take away essential consultations to keep your hair ever dazzling. Here are three ways of equal importance to consider in your colored hair-care maintenance:

Keep Away from Chlorine

Places that contain high chlorine levels, like pools, are sites you need to avoid. Chlorine, a chemical bleaching agent, will likely to take away the color of your hair. As a result, blonde hairs may turn in greenish shades, while darker tints are liable to become dull, dry, and dreary. But if you can’t stop yourself from taking the pleasure of dipping the pool, you can use swimmer’s cap. Otherwise, try washing your hair in the shower first, apply conditioner, then do not rinse it. Through this, there will be a barrier in your hair shaft, so the chlorine will not penetrate.

Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

Shampoos and conditioners contain sodium Laureth sulfate, a type of anionic detergent that is used to help produce a foaming effect. However, using hair products with sulfate content will take away the natural oils and moisture off of your hair, which leads to the quick fading of your treated hair. Using sulfate-free will turn the tides differently as it will keep your hair color from fading. Certain brands have made your way more accessible. Whether you have a straight, frizzy, curly, thick or thin hair, there will always be a sulfate-free shampoo that works for you.

Use leave-in treatments and heat protectant spray

Chemically treated colored hair needs more attention than the normal. It requires extra protection from the sun and further hydration to prevent damage and nutrient loss. To keep your hair smooth and hydrated, be diligent in finding the perfect leave-in treatment. Choose the one with UV protection for your hair to beat the heat of the sun. However, when using hot tools, it is best to use heat protectant spray earlier than styling or dry blowing. It will help reduce the loss of moisture.

Your journey towards maintaining your colored hair ever radiant is just a few steps away. Visit the Ann Arbor Hair Salons and listen to consultations from the hair experts. To finish, remember that consistency is the key.