Tips On Applying For A ESTA Visum


Traveling to the United States is not as easy as it once was. They are on the constant lookout for individuals that should not be admitted. There are certain countries where residents of that country are not permitted. They have lists of both approved and disapproved locations. This represents millions of people, and without an automated system, it would be virtually impossible to allow or disallow visitors. That’s why the US government created the ESTA visum program to improve and automate this entire process.

What Is The ESTA Visa Program?

This program is designed to streamline this entire process. It is all done online. Once you have entered in your personal information, and paid your $14 US, they will then process all of your information. There is the possibility that they may need additional information from you. That is why they recommend applying for this in advance of your departure. This is a program that people must utilize to travel into the US, providing them with a temporary visa that will be attached to their passport.

Will The ESTA Authorization Last Very Long?

This program is set to expire after you have taken several trips over the period of a couple of years. Your approval date will be the day that you have submitted a request for your visa. As long as you are approved, it will last until it expires or your passport needs to be renewed. It is easy to do. Simply go to the Department of U.S. Customs and Border Protection site and go to the ESTA visum application section. It will take no more than 30 minutes to complete the entire process. In most cases, you will be approved within seconds after making your payment. As long as you are from a country on the approved list, this is what you can expect. If any additional information is requested, simply provide that in a timely manner so that you can depart to the US.