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How Do You Know If You Should Call An Air Conditioning New Orleans Contractor?


Air conditioning units, like any appliance in your house, also require servicing once in a while. Routine maintenance and inspection ensure that your cooling system is running efficiently. Most of the regular clean up you can do yourself. However, how can you tell if it’s time to call an expert HVAC New Orleans provider?

1. Warm Air Or Inadequate Air Flow

Reduced airflow from your AC could mean it’s time to clean the filters. Or, it can also be a sign of a severe problem. A blockage may be preventing the air from flowing freely, or the compressor is already failing. Another hint of a faulty compressor that you should look out for is if your unit is blowing out hot or humid air. Low levels of refrigerant can most likely also cause it.

2. Cooling Cycles Becomes Too Frequent

No matter the weather or outside temperature is, your air conditioning system goes through regular cooling cycles. Even on the hottest day, your AC can cycle more frequently, but not too much. If you observe that each cycle comes too often than the ordinary, it is time to call an expert. This event only occurs when your unit needs a quick tune-up or a new replacement.

3. Leaks And Bad Odors

If you detect any leak coming from your air conditioner, outside or inside your house, call for a technician immediately. Your cooling system may be leaking refrigerant, and the pooling water can further cause water damage to your home. Furthermore, unusual or foul smells coming from your AC may indicate microbial growth or other technical issues. A technician can run a diagnosis to discover whether it needs repair or extensive cleanup.

4. Loud Or Unfamiliar Noises

Lastly, you should contact your contractor when you hear a loud rattling or grinding noise from your unit. There might be a loose part or something more seriously wrong with your AC. Even if the sound does go away for some time, ignoring it may worsen the case. It might be too late for repairs by the time you call for help.


Neglecting the first signs of trouble on your AC could lead to a more severe problem. Let the professionals at Air Conditioning New Orleans find and fix all the cooling system issues for you. You should also know that regular servicing saves you money. It extends your air conditioning unit’s service life, helps you conserve energy, and saves you from the trouble of expensive repairs.